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Memorial Luncheons

Memorial Plated Luncheon

For groups of 25 or more



Tossed salad

Homemade rolls

Sodas and Ice Tea

Cookies on each table

Water, Coffee and Hot Tea


Please choose one item below.

Chicken Piccata with potato and vegetable     $14.00

 Chicken Parmesan  with spaghetti                $14.00

Chicken Marsala with potato and vegetable   $14.00

Godfather Filet tips over fettuccini noodles   $18.00

Marinated Salmon with potato and vegetable   $16.00

Stuffed Shells      $ 14.00

Tax and gratuity will be added


Marianne Scott – Catering Manager


To include assorted desserts to the above plated menu add $3.00 for each person.

Sandwich Lunch Buffet

Tossed  Salad/ Potato Salad
One Hot Entrée Choice
Lasagna, Rigatoni, Stuffed Shells, Meatballs OR Roast Beef
Sliced Ham and Turkey Deli Meats
American cheese & Provolone cheese
Assorted Breads and Club Rolls
Lettuce, tomato, onions, chips, pickles
Coffee and Hot tea
Beverage table - Assorted Sodas and Ice Teas  - continually replenished
Assorted desserts              

$ 16.50 per person plus 6% tax &  gratuity

25 person minimum

Hot Lunch Buffet

Tossed  Salad
Choose 2 Hot Entrees – Select from below:  (Groups of 40 or more should pick three entrees )

Chicken Piccatta, Chicken Parm, or Chix Marsala
Hot Roast beef iin Marsala Gravy or
Baked Penne,  Three Cheese Lasagna, Stuffed Shells

Chef’s choice of potato & vegetable
Homemade rolls and garlic bread
Coffee and Hot tea
Beverage table – Assorted Sodas and Ice Teas  -  continually replenished
Assorted desserts           

$ 18.50 per person plus 6% sales tax &  gratuity

25 people minimum on above buffets

Hot Lunch Premier Buffet

Tossed and Caesar Salad

Choose three entrees from below:

Chicken Picante, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Stuffed Chicken Supreme,  Hot  Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy, Filet Tips Stroganoff, Marinated Salmon, Tortellini Alfredo, Penne Pesto, Three Cheese Lasagna.

Chef’s choice of potato and vegetable.

Coffee and Hot tea

Beverage table – Assorted Sodas and Ice Teas -  continually replenished

Assorted desserts

 $26.00 per person plus sales tax and gratuity

Minimum 40 people

(The availability of all above menu itemscan not be guaranteed; we will try our best to accommodate your menu requests).

Groups of 20 or less

 Smaller groups are welcome to order from our luncheon menu or a limited version of our menu.  If you would prefer to customize the menu a bit, we can discuss other options.

We know this is a difficult time for you.  We find it a privilege to be given this opportunity to serve your family and guests.  After your meal, we welcome you, your family and guests to relax and enjoy each others company and comfort.



Off Premise Memorial Luncheon

We will deliver within a 10 mile radius.  If further, we may access a delivery charge.

Serving staff for the buffet can be requested but is not included in prices below.


Lunch or Dinner Hot Buffet 

Choice of 2 Hot Entrées 

Stuffed Shells              Chicken Piccata

Lasagna                      Hot Roast Beef

Chicken Parmesan     Pork Barbeque

Baked Ham                 Grilled Chicken


Includes chef’s choice vegetable and potato

Homemade rolls and butter


Lunch - $13.00 per person

Dinner - $17.00 per person

(Minimum 15)

Most Popular Buffet

Ham, turkey, Swiss & American cheese

Potato salad,

Pasta salad,

Vegetable tray,

Deviled eggs,

Assorted Breads

Includes appropriate condiments

$12.00 per person

(Minimum 15)

Add Meatballs or Roast beef for an additional $2.00 per person

Served with club rolls

 (Minimum 15)


 Additions to Off Premise Buffets

Assorted 2 liter sodas and iced teas   $2.50 per bottle

Assorted Cheesecakes and Cakes  $3.50 per person

Extra side dish  $2.00 per person

Extra entrée  $4.00 per person



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